BG alert messages are missing.
Lately I have been missing the alert messages in BGs, those that tell you in chat when someone picks up the flag in WSG, when a tower is destroyed in AV, etc. I have never encountered this problem before, and it looks like it has come gradually. A few times in the past days many of the messages have seemed to disappear randomly, but it is most prominent in AV, where every message is gone. Its not a huge problem, but it is annoying having to check my map constantly to see whats happening. I have not updated DBM yet (so it is only working whenever it wants to), if that addon in someway interacts or interrupts with the messages in chat.Yeah I noticed this myself yesterday. It only happens in certain BGs though.Hi,

This is something that is under investigation, if your character was stuck or cant enter a Battleground please open a ticket with the Game Masters.
FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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