How I fixed Blue Loading Bar of death
Hello forums,

As I have experienced this issue firsthand and know how frustrating it is, I decided to post this in hopes it would be of any help. I have noticed that many have been having this issue where the loading screen bar would go to full (or anywhere actually), then you would be disconnected. There is a MASSIVE thread on the US forums which I have been following ever since its been at only 20 pages:

Anyway, I have managed to finally fix this but in a way nobody would expect. As I have a Mac computer, and I was running WoW on Windows through Bootcamp, I got an idea to try to use it on Mac instead. I got someone to upload the latest WoW Mac tools, and to my surprise the game worked on Mac. No blue bar of death, everything works fine. And its been like this for a few weeks, so I can safely say the solution is permanent.

This has led me to believe the issue could be caused due to settings involving the OS. I just decided to post my discovery here, in hopes it could help solve the problem and give more clues as to what it could be. I would have posted it in the above mentioned thread, but I do not have a US account. If anyone here does, it would be very nice to post this on that thread to help the players there.
^Bump, since this post didnt get much exposure and could help resolving the problem.
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