Game crashes in certain areas
From time to time i stumble on an area that crashes my computer, the areas i think are random, all i do is walk into an area and the game starts flashing black and then crashes and i have to restart my computer. One area is stormwind. and there are several other areas that do it to. One thing i was told that it could be my graphics card, but i cant find any updates for it, and when i had the trail version i could go into stormwind and the game would work fine. But now i have the full game, it happens every time. Its starting to get annoying when you are trying to complete quests or just looking around. Is there anything i can try to stop this happening, i have tried the error test and that cant find any problems, i have tried deleting the WTF, and other files and the problem persists. Please any help anyone?Could you post a DxDiag?

Select "Start" > "Run" (Windows XP) / "Search" (Windows Vista/Windows 7) > "DxDiag"

Were interested in the following:

Operating system:
System manufacturer:
System model:
DirectX version:

Card name:
Driver version:
Driver date:System
Operating system: Windows 7 ultimate 32bit (6.1,build 7600
Processor: genuine intel CPU T2130 @ 1.86GHz (2 cpu
Memory: 1024mb
System manufacturer: HP
System model: G5000
DirectX version: DX 11

Card name: mobile intel 945 express chipset family
Manufacturer: Intel
Driver version: 8.15.190
Driver date:23/09/09

Thats what it says, i have had a look for updates but there are non that i can find?
Card name: mobile intel 945 express chipset family

Your GPU isnt supported by WoW, so try the following:

1) Close down the game
2) Locate the World of Warcraft installer folder
3) Open WTF/ with Notepad
4) Add the following line to the end of that file SET FixedFunction "1"
5) Save that file then restart the game.
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