Mouse speed
i talked to a gm and he sent me here, so here i am.
Whats my problem Im a WoW player and a hardcore Call of duty player, in Call of duty i have my mouse speed set at a specific speed, which i have gotten used to and cant really play with any other speed, when i connect to wow my mouse speed just increases by 75% even though its on the lowest the wow interface allows me to set it to, which makes me unable of moving with my mouse without giving me a headche, obviously i dont use my keyboard to turn, but then again im just about to do that, its just crazy how i cant slow down the MOUSE SPEED on this game.

Also on another note, why is Razer naga not found by the "FIND A WORLD OF WARCRAFT GAMING MOUSE" feature?Apparently you have a razer mouse and all(if im not wrong) razer mouses comes with a profile setting.
Go to the razer driver and install a profile 1 for Black ops
and a profile 2 for WoW, set the setup speed for the best comfort.
to select profiles you click the button under the mouse.
If your model of the mouse doesent have this button then you should check out with razer.

The reason for this sick speed is because of the mouse has an sick DPI which makes it very sensitiv and black ops slows down mouses ALOT!Thanks for the nice and helpful reply, but i cant find any driver for the naga, only my deathadder which i cant use in wow, naga still runs smoother on black ops and on my desktop, but speeds up like crazy on wow. And im 90% sure there is no driver for this mouse.
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