Transfering WoW folder
I have looked around the net but couldnt find any help.

I have a PC with vista that has the wow folder

I want to transfer that folder to a windows 7 laptop

i dont have transfer cables or external harddrive.

is there a way to hook both up to transfer the folder?If you can get both on the same network, you can just transfer it as such?

~VaeilHow do i get it on the same network?

thats what i need help with i thinkHi,

Depends what you have available to you, if you can network the 2 computers together then you could move the game folder across, if you have a Cross-over Ethernet cable you could setup a home network.

If not you would need to look into what type of HDD you have inside your laptop and look into investing into a conversion cable.


25" PATA > IDE cable.
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