Account status - pending

Before you suggest me to contact billing support, I assure you this is more likely a technical issue.

I got five accounts for multiboxing purposes, and the status of one account is "pending".

Account 1: ACTIVE (Renews: 20/02/2011 06:05)
Account 2: ACTIVE (Renews: 26/02/2011 14:42)
Account 3: ACTIVE (Renews: 25/02/2011 04:30)
Account 4: Pending
Account 5: ACTIVE (Renews: 24/02/2011 07:10)

Question: When I use Visa Debit for automatically renewing subs, why there is any sort of pending? Afaik using Visa doesnt require confirmations from bank.

Having other accounts active now feels a bit stupid, since I cant log my team now at its full potential.Hello,

Unfortunately you will need to contact our Account and Billing department to inquire about payment/account issues:
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