Booted from arena (Is this ever going to be fixed)

So this has been on going since the patch of 4.1

Being removed from arena and teleported to SW Graveyard, this is so frustrating when your in the middle of a game and you get removed from arena, this is not only annoying but is also losing us games and Rating.

I assume my team is not the only one with this issue, so does anyone else know the root of this cause ?!

And will there be a fix soon or should i just stop playing arenas untill something gets done about it.


This is an issue thats still under investigation notably with Arenas and Battlegrounds, their are some updates planned for maintenance which should hopefully improve the situation, but its a matter our developers are monitoring.
Monitoring? instead of monitoring it shouldnt something be done about it.

What happens to our rating/ratio i have just been boooted 4 games in a row losing over 100 rating, this is stupid.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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