New UI bugged all

Hello, i recently downloaded a new UI for my WoW. And it said that i needed to delete/replace my WTF folder so I could get the "pre setted" settings. And now everytime I launch the launcher I need to download a new patch, I have the "4.1.0 14007" patch.
I dont know what to do, anyone else having these problems?


We cant really offer support for add-ons, or modified UIs, best place to go would be the UI forum here:

I have removed the addons, but it keep downloading the "newest patch".
I dont find any solutions from the UI forum :(
And I still need to download everything over and over again, even if i put on background download. (When it finishes i exit wow, and open it again and I need to redownload the pacth

Well whats happening here is the wtf folder that you downloaded is out of date so it thinks you need to download the latest patch, either try and get a different wtf folder or next time if ever replacing / deleting any folders in program files, make sure you back it up first in a separate location :

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