BT Broadband Latency

I am on BT Broadband and since 4.1 and particularly the past few days the latency has made WoW unplayable. The lag will shoot up to almost 2k World m/s randomly and stay that way even if I disable network options, restart my computer and reset my router. I have tried IP flushing that was suggested in the stickies and other solutions. They havent worked.

I have been to BTs own forums and seen many players also with this problem. I thought that it had been sorted but apparently not. These lag spikes do not even happen for me at peak times, they will happen all of a sudden. I will have stable world/home ms and then I will be in the red. I have seen this has something to do with p2p throttling. I have contacted BT but they havent been much help.

Up until now I have had no problems with Warcraft at all. I thought I would make this thread for other BT users to share any solutions they might have found or any similar problems they might have so we can get this sorted and so that we might not hijack other users threads.

I also am with bt broadband and tonight the game is unplayable with the latency,I had the same problem 2 weeks ago and then it cleared up but now its back.

Bt have not replied when I emailed them a reply to a thread on their site about p2p throtting and I just end up going round in circles on the phone to them.

Anyone else got any help on this have done a fresh install of the game and no addons and still it is unplayable.

BT infinity user here, been having latency issues mid-late evening on a few occasions.
Tonight its practically unplayable. Have spoken to several other BT users with the same issue around the same times.

BT Infinity here - and exactly the same issue - WoW is unplayable - everything else I do is perfect.

They MUST be throttling the traffic again.
I have asked many people on my sever and forums and it does only seem to be people who have BT internet.

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