Character Faction Change

Afternoon all, i am not sure if this has been made aware of or maybe its my side but when im trying to faction change and realm xfer im getting the "This character must log out of the game in order to undergo a faction change." when its blatantly logged out, any ideas?

getting the same, cant server transfer because character not logged out, or so they say

Ok, this is getting anoying now:Im trying to transfer my warrior, and as soon as I get past the server selection screen I get the message:

"An error has occurred:
You must log your character out of the game to continue. "Its definitely logged out, for more than 30min now, cant get it to work.

Tried different browsers as sometimes I had problems with battle net website on one of them.

Can we get an answer on how to fix this or if its a known issue, or if there is any work around to transfer my character.

Find it pretty amazing that blizzard is letting this one pass for so long, I have a friend who transferred yesterday and he couldnt do it for about an hour neither, getting the same message im getting.

This bug seems to be sloved by its own after some time , jsut keep trying to transfer.

did you get it sorted? i have the same issue..

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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