Game Client needing an update?

Im a noob and recently downloaded WoW (The 3GB download which doesnt include all the expansions as ive been told, so Im all new to this, but after buying the battlechest and all of the expansions and entering the codes online, will I need to download the full game client which is 9GB, since my first initial download was no where near that thus I dont know if I have the required date to play the expansions. Thanks to anyone that helps! Sorry for being a noob! :

You will need to download the extra data yes, its set up so it only downloads what you need for the expansion packs registered to the account. Dont install from the discs.

Yeah, I thought so. I havent downloaded from the discs, I was advised agains thtat by a friend. I guess Ill get to the download table then, thanks for the help!

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