could this info solve my problem? Vashj=low latency

the server ive been playing on for over a year (eu outland is extremely high world latency
eu ms home : 26 - 35
eu outland world: 437 - 2100+

eu agamaggan Same as outland
eu silvermoon slightly wors

eu Vashj <-
20 home ms
26 world ms

fix!!! <- 10 minutes later, vashj spiked up to 1.2k + world latency JEEEESUS BLIZZ

also to add,
ahnqiraj eu also !**@y world ms.
alakir just as bad as silvermoon
frostmane also over 1.6k
haomarush just as high as outland 700+
grim batol 1.2k +
tarren mill -just about as bad as outland 300+
deathwing 900+

More information about your connection would be helpful.

Country -
Modem (and firmware if available -
Router (and firmware if available -
Network device (Driver version if available -
Type of connection used (Wifi/USB/Ethernet -
Operating System -
Security Software installed (Firewall, Anti-Virus -

Please also post a traceroute to the realm you are playing on. Instructions on how to produce a traceroute can be found here:

Also perform a pathping test to the same IP address to see if your losing any packets along the way.

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