client connecting to US servers

Arghh i just set up a UI and now when i try and connect to wow its trying to load me onto the US servers not EU, can anyone help me with what i need to change in my settings : had the same problem when trying to reinstall alienas healing ui after the patch since a gm told me to uninstall everything + wtf folder,

after the patch i was unable to make it all work due to this

LOL, guess what UI i just tried to install ;

thanks that seems to have fixed it :D


Without knowing the content of the actual UI download, Id guess your copying the WTF/ file accross which will have likely been taken from a US client.

Open this file with WordPad or something similar and check the locale value and make sure that its pointing towards the EU servers.

It may say - SET locale "usUS"
It should say - SET locale "enGB"

i tryed that when i had the ui, didnt work

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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