When I use WoW FullScreen having Cut Offs on the edges?

I was using Win XP and i have just installed Win 7. Now when i use WoW Full Screen mode, there are cut offs on the edges.. When i use Full Screen(Windowed mode there is not any problems but i am losing FPS.. Playing on Ati graphic card and 23" LCD with 1900x1080 resolution both desktop and in game. Please can someone help me to fix that cut offs?

Deleted by Naava

When I use HDMI cable I cant use screen on 16:9, I have to set it to "fullscreen" even if 16:9 is correct it will be zoomed in. I dont know what screen you got so really cant tell.

Hmm. anyone has any ideas guys?

SOLVED by myself...
Ive taken frequency to 59 from 60 in WoW graphic settings.
1920x1080 Full Screen 59 Hertz

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