REPOST: The lag is (NOT) a lie!

REPOST: Yeah, lag happens, heres the problem, Im from Asia, but I play on europe since I cant speak Korean or Chinese or Japanese etc...... And the freaken lag is killing me, come on I need help, I beg you make my account Asian and move it to a Asian server which speaks English, because I cannot do raids or bgs without lagging, thank god 2s doesnt lag as hard as that, and if youre going to tell me to enhance my internet connection, you might as well stay silent cause Ive tried and Ive tried but still no use.........I didnt know that there were Asian servers when I bought WoW..... HELP ME! Tried leatrix.


My hero.

Blizz peeps? where are you? some help!

Lets try to avoid creating attention seeking posts, using CAPS.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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