the world latency issue, go into bg, get back out

why cant u just face the fact its ur fault blizz?

i just entered a bg and the ms slowly decreased, from me being in sw with 576 ms world
to 132 inside the bg

been outside the bg for awhile now and im at 162 ms world

the gms stating its alot of things happening when we are in sw and bla bla bla

i dont really wanna go trough a guide of technical support to try it on setting my firewalls and the list goes on

especially on a game im paying monthly for and so far ive done the unmarking thing on network, disabling addons, uninstalling addons and deliting wtf folder, uninstalling wow, reinstalling wow and using the repairtool, ok not almost everything but really enough.

fix it ?!

If your not willing to read through the Technical Support guides then there isnt much we can do to help you, entering a Battleground or raid will always put an added pressure on your connection, if your connection isnt connected correct and is unable to handle the data load this will increase your latency, there are multiple other factors to consider as well when using more bandwidth.

ive replied Zanctulloe, got no answer.
ive tried everything else and no difference
im just posting a fix since u guys dont.

why dont u guys go more public about the problem like,

Hey if you are from sweden and most likely are using Banhoff
(wich most of the people in sweden is using since its both the most reliable isp and the fastest
you are most likely not to be able to play this game due to extreme latency.

is there any way i could get my money back or are you guys going out with a fix yet
unless u want every single costumer of blizzard
- to write /disableaddons
- to delite their WTF folder
- to delite their addons
- to reinstall their game
- run the repair tool
- to disable the network options
- to contact a gm to be told to go check the technical forum
and see that all the options above didnt give any effect at all. no? any1 ?

if my latency went down with 400 or more after i was in a bg i think i should let people know that theres atleast a way to decrease it since u guys wont make a fix but rather make the costumers fix their product.


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