installing wow

I just bought a new macbook pro so it has os 10.7 or something I think ^^ (sorry not so good with computers

But when I put in the disc to start installing wow on this computer it comes up with a window with 2 icons: one said "world of warcraft OS x" and another says "installer tome"

when I click the first one, it just tries to install the free trial, and when I click the second my screen goes black and stayed that way for about 15mins until I had to hold the power button to reset my laptop (not nice doing that to brand new computer, I felt its pain whilst I did it

if anyone can help then thanks a lot =

edit: its 10.6 snow leopard operating system= i just found out ^^

Do you have the Cataclysm DVD?

ohh! I thought I needed to install the vanilla wow then each expansion pack :o do I just need the cataclysm one now? I do have that =

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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