Instant Disconnects

I cannot log my characters, I get an instant disconnect when I try to log in.
I time to time manage to log but when I check my latency, my world latency is on "0" ms.
What am I suppose to do?
I tried to cantact via E-mail form, but when I want to send the required stuff It says you have exceeded the limited amount or something like that.
Beside all latency problems I got, now I get this and I cannot do anything about it.
Im sure It is not my connection, It IS working properly.

So contact me ASAP.Hello Funeralism,

Please delete all the addons you are using that are not made by Blizzard Entertainment. Additionally, also delete the WTF and Cache folders located in the World of Warcraft game folder.

Once this has been done please test the game again and see if you can log in.

ok, ill try it.

Wow, It is working now.
What was it?
It was my addons?
But I had those addons for a long time...
And ofc I cannot play without those addons :
What am i suppose to do?

Might not necessarily have been just your addons. If you need them back Id suggest downloading the very latest versions from curse and manually install them one by one, trying the game after each one. Tbh it was probably a corrupted file... especially as you said youd had them a long time :

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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