CrazyHIGH latency +100/100+imba cpu. nice going there

i found myself with over 2k latency AGAIN
i first off made a ticket to gms, they told me i should cancel my addons, i did nothing was changed

second they wanted me to remove my addons and clear my WTF folder

i did, all my addons and beautiful settings were gone
next i get the advice to re-install the game, use the repair toll

SAME !%%@ LATENCY, thanks for wasting my ##!%ing time for nothing
now all my addons and settings are back to a whole new start, new look with ui and graphics added
same freakin latency
sometimes the latency cools down to normal after ive been in a bg
and i get some blurry answers like hey check with ur internet provider and bla bla bla
ive got 100/100 bandwith and never EVER had an issue with the latency before, EVER.

now im not some forumhero so i dont know if theres some clear answer to all this like,
oops blizz pron dls made teh server crash, plx hang in there while we update hardware and software kk ty.

its not always to fun if i have raids to attend to or if i find myself in TB doing quests to get my tanking trinket and some freak hordes trying to pvp me with tanking gears on, waiting for my spells to finaly pop on their stupid asses..

i would apreciate a reply even if its not a bluepost, like thatll ever happen..
but please, for the love of god dont say clear the new network option
ive tryed that nonsense


ms (home is usualy always extremely low

but ms (world geee? over 9blablabla?

just saw i got logged out after checkign the forums for blueposts like a desperate nerd
logged back in with ms world down to 350 wich is still extremely high compared to what im used to

BOOM jump on the battle of the lifes of warcraft, baradin fox is making the horrible montrous attack..

icecold sweatdrops going down my forehead grinning my teeth.. waiting for that awesome skillz to pop on that furry cute litle baradin fox of doom..

latency growing like its the outcome of the superfox of all cute furry things of the world.. of warcraft.

ok i tabbed to check the forums, ill go see if im still alive.
no joke.

ok hes dead and respawned, mr.wiggles the pet just popd out of nowhere and ive got 513 ms world

28 ms home

"i found myself with over 2k latency AGAIN
-......and never EVER had an issue with the latency before, EVER."

I dont even....?Hello,

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