United Kingdom ISPs that dont lag for Cataclysm

Hi there WOW Community.

I would like to ask my fellow British players what ISPs are working properly in Cataclysm. I have been using Virginmedia and it seems they have no quick fix to their packet management problem. For this reason I want to change provider.

I am looking for a ISP that provides the following.

(Note: It must give GREEN ms in 40 man battleground or home city.

1. Copper wire connection down my BT telephone line.
2. Cost no more than ?30 per month.
3. 20GB+ usage allowance or unlimited.

I have my MAC codes and Im ready to switch.
I will agree to the introduce a friend package some companies provide if I like what I see.


Im with BT with no lag issues at all.

VM is fine for me, Im over cable on their 20mb package. Ogg Im usually sitting on about 100-200ms

Seems weird. They fixed that issue in my area within a couple of days after some outraged posters on the virgin tech forums. Been back to my usual 30-45ms (nagling ever since (also on the 20 meg line.

Dont get me wrong, I can understand your frustration. Those two days of red lat had me complaining too :P Am just a little surprised its not been sorted in all areas by now tbh.

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