I login, and it tells me a patch is required.

This problem has never happened before, Ive been logging in every morning since the release of 4.1, this morning though its telling me a patch is required, and the restart button comes up in the game after logging in, which then closes wow and -should- open the updater client (well, the thing is, it does, windows 7 also asks me if id like allow it to run, which it does although it closes after 5 seconds.

I did some digging, and went into the wow folder and tried to manually launch the updater.

BackgroundDownloader.exe - I opened this and it says initialising patch 14.4gb of 14.4gb (4.0.6- 4.1.0 and says Finished after a few seconds.

I then tried to open Blizzard Updater.exe - this told me there is no patch to apply.

So im extremely confused here, there appears to be no patch that i can download, although wow wont let me login until I download one.

The strangest thing is that I have not downloaded any addons, edited any files, installed or removed anything.... Basically, I log on this laptop to do one thing and one thing only (play wow anything else is done on another computer, this is totally standalone, and I have no idea why this doesnt work.

Just quite frustrated, I really do not want to redownload the whole game again. -_-


As a first step could you please run the Repair tool?

Once the process completes, launch the game. If you are running the game on Windows Vista / Windows 7, right-click the game icon and choose Run as administrator.

Thanks for your reply, I just ran the repair setup, it took 5 minutes roughly and reported everything fine, I then right clicked wow.exe and launched in as administrator, the game launched as per usual, i logged in, and a message popped up asking me to restart the game as a patch is required.

Again, the background program downloader icon came up in my taskbar, after 5 seconds it disappeared and we are back to stage one.

Anymore ideas?


Have You tried to right click on Launcher.exe and launch it as administrator? Does it say "World of Warcraft is up to date."?

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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