Stutter lag while zoning (and other times)


Since patch 4.1, I seem to have my game stutter every time I enter a new zone / subzone (whenever the location message pops up. This also seems to happen during raids, however I was unable to pinpoint what triggered it.
The stutter is basically a 1sec screen freeze therefor highly annoying.
Neither framerate nor latency seem to be taking a hit during these stutters.

My setup is as follows:
Inter i7 2600K
Gigabyte UD7
4gig 2133-7-10-7-27-1 RAM
ATI 6970
Realtek PCI- GBE ethernet controller

At first I thought it may be an addon or something. I tested these things:
*Running without addons on a repaired wow did not have any impact.
*Using a WoW client on a different Hard disk that did not hold the windows install
*Playing wow fullscreen, windowed, ultra and low settings
*Reinstalling windows, drivers, wow and nothing more
*monitoring hardware temperatures (cpu never above 36°C, gpu never above 55°C

Ive searched for people with similar issues, but always ended up with random conclusions that should have been fixed by one or more of my already taken tests.
What am I overlooking that could cause this?

kind regards,update, this seems to be completely fixed by disableing tracking on the minimap.
Go figure.

Posted by Khefren

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