Unable to log in - loading stuck at ~90%

Hi, Ive been having some problems logging into WoW these past couple of days.
I can log into my account easily enough, that poses no problem. However, as soon as I try and load a character from the character selection screen, the loading bar gets to around 85-90% full and then after a little while (varies between a few seconds to a few minutes I get sent back to the login screen with a message that says I have been disconnected from the server.
I have looked into the problem and followed many of the suggested solutions on this forum : including updating my drivers (turns out they were all up to date, deleting my WTF, cache and interface folders, disabling my checksum settings and changing the speed settings of my network card. I have also reset my IP address and tried connecting via my wireless card and disconnecting my Ethernet.
As a last ditch attempt I completely uninstalled WoW from my computer and removed all traces of its existence. I then re-installed it from scratch using your download tool. I figured that if it was something in the game files that was causing the problem then this would fix it.
It turns out that re-installing has done nothing to fix my problem.
An interesting thing to note is that while Im stuck loading at around 90% I can hear the noises that indicate my guild mates are logging in and out, and the occasional toll of the bells in Stormwind. That seems to me to indicate that some of the data is getting through, just not enough to keep me connected.
I am on a University network so I cannot change router settings or do port forwarding, but up until a couple of days ago I have had absolutely no problems at all, and have had great latency.
Ive run out of ideas about what I can do and so ask you for help!

Oh, a couple more things:
I have the graphics set to ultra (usually have 60-90 FPS
The characters I have tried to log into are in SW

I am running Windows 7 64bit
Ethernet controller : Realtek PCIe GBE family controller (the one built into the Gigabyte UD3 MoBo
Wireless controller : Netgear WG111v3 wireless G

I cant seem to do a Traceroute or Pathping as I cannot connect to the server. When I do the command prompts I get no data back


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