Login problem - blue please.

Ive had this login problem for a few days now, and .
The loading screen completes itself to 100% and then just stops, I cant get into the game.
I dont have any problems with other characters.

I also called tech support (30mins! to help, so they did something and I was able to login right after that. Problem seemed fixed. Until I hearthstoned, I immediatly had a disconect and the same issue from the start starts right over again.. I cant get past my 100% loading screen on this one character.

I tried on my own; Delete cache, delete WTF, delete all addons, folowed a blue thread into hardware management from my configuration panel, but the option I need to click isnt available for my network card.

It shouldnt be my hardware or heating problem since I can play any game for as long as I want, and all the other WoW characters on the same account do work..So I really dont see what the problem can be. Please help me so I can finally play again..

I have the same problem. Loading screen stucks at 100% and nothing happens. I have used repair tool and shutting computer but nothing helps. My other 2 characters will load fine at other servers.

Yea I forgot to mention that I also used Repair tool already.. This is bugger.
I cant play for 2 days already.

Fix this now... 3rd day I cant even play the game!!

I have come across this problem before a couple of times. What Ive done is to log an in game GM Ticket on another of my characters and given the details of the character having the problem and asked that the character be moved to either where there hearthstone points or to a major city, worked for me.

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