Capitalistic were mostly all going to hell

Hi i Recently Purchased at great expense Cataclysm a month subscription and a character transfer. The Game ran fine as always until the new patch was finished downloading. Then i started to experience strange DCs. The games Display would stop but chat and all my input would work as normal. I have tried to resolve this but with no success. I use 3g or HSDPA mobile broadband which works extremal well on the internet at all times and prior to the 4.1 patch worked great on WoW. I dont Know if the problem is with 3 mobile Broadband or if its with Wow. I pay for the service from both companies and don,t see why i must be a go between or an engineer for both companies. Surely if Wow contacted 3 Mobile the Issue could have been resolved Faster and fixed for not just me but for every customer using the same type of services. Instead it seams to be company policy to defer the issue to another source before even researching it. I Now have no money and no product and two companies asking me to pay and help fix a problem with there product. I am not an engineer, not in real life at least. I dont want to be running traces changing settings and searching the net for fixes. I think If many companies looked at there impressive profits they will find that a % of this is in fact coming at the expense of quality and the frustration of there customers. I expect at any moment now a shop keeper will knock on my door and ask for half a bottle of milk to be returned without refund as he has sold more milk than he actually has and has decided to change the quantity in each bottle to continue making profits.


Posted by Lucifor

hello because my internet connection goes offline every time Im in front of the boss of zul gurub? I do not crush once but many times that are ahead of him .... this thing happens to me only with the first boss of zul gurub

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