Bug: Cant see water

Hi there

Ive started playing WoW again on my new laptop a few days ago , its an acer , videocard nvidia geforce gt 540m.
For some reason , I cant see water , while im not in it. When under water , I can see it , but when above it , I just see the bottom of the lake/river with all the fishes swimming in the air... :p

I made a ticket , and the GM told me to update the drivers , which I did. If that wouldnt solve the problem , he told me to open a thread here.

So , anyone knows how to solve the problem ? :


nope , that doesnt fix it :(

Check if you have Directx 11 enabled. I cant see water either if I have it enabled.

Yaina here,

I bought the Dell XPS15 with the GeForce 540M card, and have the same problem. All settings on ultra, water dissapears. When I turn the water back to fair it appears (in the ugly form.
Updated my drivers to latest on the GeForce site, now updating DX11.

Will post after.

Yaina out.I dont know about you other guys, but for Yaina: Activate DX11 mode in WoW will let you use the high quality water. Im using the very same XPS15.

To do this, either wait for the 4.1 patch to add the ingame option to turn it on, or modify the config.wtf file in WoWWTFconfig.wtf and add the line "SET gxApi "d3d11"" without the outer quotation marks.

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