Internet Issue


Not sure this is the right forum but I was just wondering how much World of Warcraft uploads and downloads on an hourly rate?

It just Ill be moving soon and Ill no longer have unlimited usage. I think it going to be 40gb a month or somethingMany Thanks


dont have exact figures, but its very very small. i used be on a limited upload/download of about 10gig a month, and never ever went near it unless there was some big patches

Cool, I didnt think it was much but when my misses showed me she used 6gb in one month on Facebook made me worry

from what i remember, wow was roughly 1 meg per hour. i could be way off, but i think thats roughly what it used to work out as.

You can install an app called DUmeter to help you keep track of upload and download quantities, should help you approximate your data usage :

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