windows 7 vs wow !!!!!

well im busy now like days but i still cant play wow i upgraded my drives i did my firewall settings even on router i tryed without router but it stays . how come i cant play wow on windows 7 im sick of it now , not to be rude but i bought windows 7 because my vista trowhed all my viles away so now i have windows 7 but cant play wow anymore and like tech support i did evrything u guys putted on web even portforwarding doesnt help.
evrytime i try to log in it sends me to tech support i installed the game now like 5 times but still cant play pls help me out !

I feel sorry for you, having something new and its not working just sucks. But i wanted to let you know i play wow on windows 7 too and it runs. Gl with a solution


What error do you get when you try and log in?


WOW will run on Windows 7 just fine, what exactly is the issue that you are experiencing.

well i upgraded vista to windows 7 and i wanted to play wow but he didnt i just cant loggin,when i login i get only the link to tech support... i dunno whats wrong i tryed evrything but i just cant play i can start launcher but when i wanna log in it says i have no internet connection or i need to upgrade my account or i need to ask tech support but i did all those things and i did do evrything there is at tech support but it wont let me play..... and now i installed vista again to play lol.... but i gonna buy soon a game pc with windows 7 i already orderd it but if i have the same problems then i gonna kill myself :P

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