Kicked out to Character List

This has happened two dungeons in a row now, with two different groups. Running through ZulAman, and twice in a row, at the second boss, we all are moved back to our character list.

After this happens, and we log in, we are removed from the group, but we are logging into the instance we were doing, without any possibility of re-inviting each other. We get the timer that the dungeon is in progress.

Whats going on?

We just had this happen in a guild group as well. We were in Zulaman.

Got kicked to the Character screen, tried to get in and was stuck at 100% loading and had to restart the client.

Edit: It just did it AGAIN as we pulled the 3rd boss. We requeed again for a random and got ZA again and had the same problem.

Same happened to me three times now. Once with a guildrun, where we were simply returned to the entrance and forced to regroup. Upon completion no VP were granted.

Twice before with a random pug with 3 guildies, once again kicked, empty party, and the whole instance could be done again.

I dont often ragequit or whine on the boards, but seriously, this is a gamebreaking flaw and I demand a fix. That, or you can count me as one of next people whore part of the subscription decline.

Just had the exact same thing happening to the random grp i was in. During battle with the 5th boss in ZG we all got kicked to the character screen, when we logged in again the grp was disbanded, and we couldnt reinvite due to bing a random grp.

ZG too? I have only experienced this in ZA so far.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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