116 ms home / 0 ms world

Is it working as intended?

I had this the other day aswell. Was lots of complaints on the forum. A hot fix was made during the night/morning. It was fixed. Hurray!

Today, Ive played fine all day. I sign for a bg, entering and get stuck on loadingscreen. I restart the game and my ms is 0 home/0 world. I can write, I see what others write. I see everyone elses actions etc, but I cant cast anything myself. After around 10 secs I dc. I dced and logged back in, around 10 times that bg. A lot of fun.. really : I could leave the bg too, with 0 ms home and world. I got out and my ms was at 116 home and 0 world. That pretty circle at top of the screen that shows gamedata being downloaded was there, switching colors between yellow and green every second. Now I just dced while writing this post, aprox. 5 mins with no world ms.

What is this madness? I mean, the server is going under maintenance at 3:00 afaik. So why is imortant gamedata getting downloaded at 1:00 making me unable to play? Im not mad, just very VERY disappointed :/

Edit: Got 101 ms home / 105 ms world now, but still cant do s... :D

madness ?

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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