Changed isp to 100/100 from 8/1 and got high latency?

Strange thing is I got fiberoptic line installed a few weeks ago in my apartment and I also picked a new ISP today called Banhof with 100/100 Mbit/s, But now i see yellow and red latency ever since when logging onto WoW??? I used have ComHem as internet service provider with 8/1k bit/s (probably ADSL and always saw green latency even though it lagged from time to time but was rather steadily good on low latency. Now i get high latency? Isnt that totally weird?

My latency says: 62 ms (home and between 500-4000 ms (world and framerate is 47 fps

There seem to be an almost second delay every time i do something, like mounting, changing a weapon, etc.

get in line dude! my crazy ass bandwith and imba cpu is first in line.

jesus christ man, i can download 4-5 movies while playing fps shooters but i cant play wow.


same here ...

Called my new ISP and they already knew about the problem and a solution. I tried it just now and it seem to work good for me. Got low latency now (green. The solution is simple, just untick "Optimize Network for speed" in the Options/Network window. Then restart WoW and the problem should be resolved. Was for me! Hope it also can work for others in same situation as I was in.

Also one more thing that could be helpful. Maybe make a thread have some sign of getting resolved? When looking for threads with your problem it would be nice to see it also carries a solution with it. Just a suggestion, maybe not right forum for it though...

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