unable to connect

my friend and i just got DCed from wow while playing on different servers at the same time and now both have the unable to connect sign on login...... known issue???

Dont worry we were in a dungeon & 4 of us got dcd.. all on different servers & 3 of us on the same server all in different parties got kicked.. & all parties report dc as well.

Getting pretty sick of it tbh

Oh & dont bother speaking to a GM.. the utter crap they spout is not worth the 5day wait...

Its usually out of date add ons that are causing it...

Dry that one out & you could fertilise the lawn

I too have had this issue just on my DK, except now Im back in but experiencing terrible lag. Not in chat but in all other aspects of the game!

I just tried logging on for the first time today, and the bar seems to stick at like 85% for all the characters Ive tried to load >.<

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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