Constant DC/Reconnection to

When playing on the game i have been getting problems with disconnecting from then recconecting instantly after, this has been happening since the rise of the zandalari (or however your supposed to spell it patch. Its not that bad for me, but it is getting to be quite bad and my Real ID friends are complaing about it now as it happens quite a few times an hour, maybe as often as once every 10 mins. I did submit an ingame ticket about this issue and the GM sugested i turn off the "Optimise network connection" thing in network settings, which i did and that resolved it for a day, then with the comming of the hotfixes as of today the problem persists, regardless of if the optimisation of my network is set or not.

Anybody know a solution? :

Could you provide a bit more information regarding your connection, please?

  • Country:
  • Internet Service Provider:
  • Modem model:
  • Router model (if used and firmware version (if known:
  • Connection used (USB, Ethernet or Wifi:
  • Network card model and driver version/date:
  • Internet Security Software:

Virgin Media
No idea
All i know is its a D-link one.
Ethernet (CAT5 cable
Again i have no idea
Nortan Anti-virus/Internet security 2011.

But ive been on this connection for a while now and havnt had any problems with it in WoW untill patch 4.1

The problem seems to have resolved itself for now, i have no idea how or why it just has. Lol.

Thankyou for your reply though.

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