Random Dcs no lag / Other Pc causes dcs


Well since updating i have been getting very nasty dcs have done some research tried most of the "Fixs" nothings worked.

i seem to experiance the dcs every 5-10 mins when my connection is being used.

just some back ground i have 2x pcs 1x router 1x 50mb virgin media

both pcs have perfect setups no problems regarding internet or other apps.

the problems lie when i connect to wow and pc 2 opens the net and downloads a song or something small i get random dcs alot.

if pc 2 is offline pc1 is perfect wow doesnt disconnect

also if pc2 is offline and pc1 is downloading wow runs fine no dcs and pinging around 120-150 without downloads im getting 40-60ms

i have spoken to a firend and he recommended using a program called wireshark to monitor the connection and see whats going on but hes off on holidays at the moment and unable to contact him regarding the results for around 2 weeks ( cannot wait that long : ?

anyone have any ideas about this wireshark log? http://www.mediafire.com/?yf7mk4mg95w4hoh

(i logged into wow alt-tabbed started capturing as i got back into game i moved 2 steps dced, relogged lasted about 10 secs then dced again. soon as i got main menu with you have been disconnected i stopped capturing

or possibly is there any other way i can monitor my connection or wow? to see exactly what is happening at the time of the dcs so i can narrow it down abit more?

cheers for the help guys/gals kinda at a last whim here

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