Water surfaces wavering at high altitude

Is this graphical problem known at all yet? I use a GeForce GTX 260, with all settings pretty much at maximum (although I couldnt find a remedy changing them and would like to get some feedback before I do heavy experimenting.
When I fly over waterbodies at relatively high altitude, the surface looks very gritty and has noise, and the borders of them are wavering like crazy.


This likely dependent on the multi-sampling value you using along side the liquid setting, what happens if you set multi-sampling to 1x ?

1x Multisampling = still there
Liquid Detail low = = still there
both = still there

Then I tried disabling Antialiasing transparency in the drivers settings completely. (Was set to Supersampling. Still the wavering of the edges.

Then I went hardcore and set the quality slider to low, except view distance of course. Still that wavering.

The graininess, though, only occurs with a few surfaces, for example the shallow, dirty pools in Borean Tundra.

nd I updated the graphics driver a month ago or so. It already was there with the old driver. The problem has been there all the time. Now I think it even might have been there back in my old BC times, but Im not sure. Also not sure which graphics card I used back then.

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