High World ms

Ahoy all, since the 4.1 patch Ive started having lag spikes, which will freeze the screen for about 5 or so seconds at a time and having at least 1k world ms at all times.

Ive done all the usual things along the lines of Deleting Cache and WTF files, playing without addons, updating addons to no avail, also tried flicking between Optimising for speed options which doesnt seem to make any difference...

Trying to play things like arena or anything like this makes it impossible to be of any use -.-

Another thing which could be part of the problem is, without me changing anything between before the patch and after the patch, the options now recommend all totally low settings, instead of between fair and good like it was before the patch so it seems to have lost processing power at some point...

I have ran disk utility, verified and repaired my macbook, repaired wow and everything is up to date, especially anything which could affect wow or my connection... so Im running out of ideas fast.

Does anyone have any ideas? (Could be mac related?


When you disable Optimize Network for Speed, do you restart the game client?

Yes I did, but much thanks for the input...

I was plowing through my head trying to think of anything which could have changed recently which co-incided with the patch.

I reverted back to an older version of skype, cleared out all my old patch updaters etc, and deleted Google Chrome from my laptop as I downloaded it round about the same time.

And somehow that, along with some rejiggling of options and settings of WoW seem to have relieved the annoying lag for now at least.

May have to bump this thread if it returns from this (mear setback :

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