Major FPS problems and freezes.

Every time im in a high populated area such as Tol Barad during battle, AV, Isle of Conquest etc. my FPS drops to 1-5 or my screen just freezes. This is since 4.1 patch is out. Im on all low graphics and rarely have something else open rather than WoW and my browser. Using iMac 2.66 GHz Intel Core Duo etc. and 2 GB of RAM ( i know, low but i dont think i should have problems like that. As i said this is only since 4.1 is live. I would be happy for any suggestions on how i can fix this.

Guki =

Ive had the same problem too. Game works perfectly at 60fps everywhere, but my fps drop whenever i enter combat for some reason...

Even if i HRC Throw a mob, it drops drastically to 1-5. Thought Id have to bake my xps m1710 graphics again, but since Ive found a similar problem, maybe its not the graphics card.

same here my fps drop from 60 to 4 fps it suck game get to slow when attack 3 to 5 mobs in dungeon i get very slow move and then game just frozen ;(

Ive deleted my addons and now the game works fine. Ill have to reinstal them still, but maybe that will help the 2 of you.

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