mobile broadband dongle

id like to throw a few thoughts in on using mobile broadband, ive used 3 and been able to do heroics with little latency however you need to know a few things about mobile networks the issues involved.

1/ you really need to be in direct line of sight of the tower

2/ you need to be pretty close ( very ambiguous i know

3/ you need to be in an area where there is not that many other users at the time your playing

4/ this ones hard to work out for the general public.. you need to be on a site enabled with HSDPA ( not all, but most are and the network connectivity to the core network ( Iub, Iur needs to be fairly large, 3 do have some 14Mbs per user links ( max ..

ofc no online game will support mobile broadband due to the millions of things out of the games control but i can tell you that my virgin connection was aweful and despite bouncing the modem several times i couldnt get latency down below 13k.. so i connected my 3 dongle and 1 had 192ms on world latency.

ive also used orange at work and had over 3.5Mbs per second and could game in the green

please realise though if it even rains then your connectivity can be affected and thusly no connection problems will be down ever likely to Blizzard. im experimenting with different connection types, using dongles and iphones on orange and 3 and in different situations. often my iphone with an orange sim can hold a high latency connection whilst travelling hundreds of miles by train. cant dungeon, but can farm.. with a few disconnections every now and then ofc. but this depends, again on so much.

last year all of this would have been impossible..

in a few years mobile broadband will be decent enough for most games depending on the High def of the games involved

try a pay as you go dongle before any contracts and dont expect to use it as your main connection for gaming all the time

As you say, it can be possible to play over this type of connection without issues at times. But due to the large amount of factors out of either your, or our, control that frequently cause reliability issues with these connections, we cannot offer support for issues encountered while playing over them.

If someone has no other option, the steps you describe certainly have the potential to improve the reliability of their connection; but it would definitely be preferable to connect using a more stable method.

I normally play on a landline but when Im away and that isnt an option my 3 dongle is great. I get around 4MB/s to 6MB/s and a ping of around 96ms world. In Orgrimmar a little higher. I think these dongles are great and even though it isnt supported there great things to have when you cant be at home.

The funny thing is my dongle actually has faster download speeds than my actual landline home speed. I only get around 4.5MB/s and 1.2MB upload at home.

I imagine in a few years these things may well be used a lot more. Not just for travelling but as home connections.

definately, i think game makers should be looking at ways inorder to produce transmission over these network types stable themselves too. maybe an option to choose network type and therefore cater for that and reduce throughput somehow by losing some quality or something, i just dont know what the bits look like that are sent over transmission and what is pure computer power. i assume the minimum has been engineered already for transmission.

bloody hell ive never gotten 6Mbs lol and ive used mine under a 3 tower, however i dont know exactly how many E1s its got or what sort of per user max it has, but like you say iwhen unedr the tower i cvan get 50ms less latency on my dongle than i do on my virgin optical up to 50Mbs network

3 rocks and i will definately be moving to them once my Orange contract is up in November and ive been with Orange for my entire mobile life ( over 15 years

Ill tell you right now, 3 dongle is no way to CONNECT to World of Warcraft.

Dont waste your money on frustration.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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