Lag as hell in fights and sometimes movement.


In patch 4.0.6 did i have the highest settings i could get and i didnt lag.
Now in patch 4.1.0 i lag as hell and i have the lowest settings i can get, i have been talking with 3 GMs now and the 3rd told me to write in here if the previus GM responses not helped.
So what can i do to stop the lag?

I once had a problem lagging in fights, and I belive it was an addon... Cant seem to remember what addon it was though, cause I do not use it anymore I think.
But I remember that I always lagged like crazy #@#* when I got into combat! Think think think...

It started with a new UI i toke just to see how it was, then i toke my own and it lagged so much so my WoW client didnt respond. ... Now im running on LUI3 and i lag when i fight or someone else near me do and sometimes in movement.

Is it just in fights for you? Because i believe Im experiencing the same problem

You have to update your addons so they are compatible with patch 4.1.
You can do this by just downloading them again and rewrite the old addon files with the ones you downloaded again.

Or if you are to lazy and can manage without your addons then just turn em off :]

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