Access_Violation and Fatal Condition?

Ok heres the rundown. Ive not experienced any fatal crashes ingame since I had my old PC, until last night on JinDo the Godbreaker (ironic.. Ive been experiencing a series of crashes and errors, some of them being Access_Violation crashes and others being Fatal Conditions. One example from a Crash log states

Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0023:017443CF

The instruction at "0x017443CF" referenced memory at "0x00000040".
The memory could not be "written".

Now, Im not as savvy as I used to be, but this is looking like my RAM is fried. What do yall think?

Ok, this appears to be fixed on my end - turns out it was the RAM, however much more.

I bought my PC pre-made off a UK supplier, which had the Motherboard Overclocked to high-hell. This was causing various components to start to overheat, moreso in this hot sunny spell that South-East England is facing right now :P

Incase anyone comes across errors like this, run a memory check on your computer.

Hot spell in the UK?, that wont last :P

Glad to see you found the cause.

Hot spell in the UK?, that wont last :P

Looks like you were right :(

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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