It would appear that an addon has replaced my old font

When hovering over a player/NPC, when hovering over an item on the guild news the font is weird and not what blizs default it

Ive tried the repair tool but hasnt sorted it

Any ideas how I get it back to normal?

Have you tried removing all of your add-ons ?

Only addons that have been updated prior to this happening were MiksScrollingBattleText and Prat.

Ive removed both and problem is still there, cant seem to find a Font folder or anything where bliz has the default fonts to restore to previous version either.

Have you tried turning it off and on again? Also delete all from interface.

I have 32 addons, none of which have been updated recently before this issue happend.

The 2 addons that have been installed/updatd recently were MiksScrollingBattleText and Prat.

Both of which use different texts, I removed both.

Im guessing Prat changed a bliz option or deleted a Font which default WoW uses.

Prat being a chat addon which edits the fonts of chat, so shouldnt have edited the hover tooltips, but evidently has

So is there a way to restore the default fonts (in a folder or wow options?

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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