Lagspikes since 4.1.

I already know the forums are full of this but Ill try it here.
In game Im getting constant lagspikes. On some encounters I dont get them at all, on some encounters I get 1-2 second lagspikes or sometimes the lagspikes go on for about 5 seconds.
This problem is persisting since the last patch, I tried multiple things and it doesnt work.
So as i was last week in another town on a different connection but same isp, I have been getting the same issue since the patch. Now i changed town, isp is the same and getting the same issue both on my brand new laptop and my computer. I dont have any issue with any other online games but just WoW. Also today during raid I noticed as my friend was playing starcraft II and was connected to my router (no that was NOT what was causing the lagspikes, he was getting the lagspikes at the same time i would get them whereas when i wanst playing wow he wouldnt get any lagspikes. Its as if just suddenly WoW starts consuming soooo much internet at one point and the stops in a few seconds. What can I do to fix this?
Ive notice that alot of people have been getting the same issue but also on different ISPs, and not all people of the same ISP would get the same issue as we do so it must be something else.
Please help!

Totaly mate ! I hear ya, cause i am trying to fix this all morning now. Nothing seems to work. Extreme lagg when attacking 2+ mobs. Not to mention if i go to a dungeon with my alt. Impossibile to play.. Dont even wanna try arena or BGs or 85 dungeons/raids :((


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