Login Server error?

Hello all,

I am getting a Login Server Busy error whenever im trying to log in, just today after a server reset. I do see the server status as online, just wondering if its only me or there are fellow players sharing the same experience.

On a side note, i do not see any breaking news window today on the log in screen which is regularly present.

Make sure all your addons have been updated
Restart your computer
Restart your router

If this does not help, then try ping eu.login.battle.net in your command prompt window

All addons are up to date. Tried restaring pc/router, no luck. Whenever i try to ping eu.login.battle.net, i get the following error:
"Ping request could not find host eu.login.battle.net. Please check the name and
try again."

Any workarounds? Is this something to do with my network?

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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