Random FPS issues?

Occasionally since 4.1, Im getting random FPS issues. Its not always, and my computer speccs are more than enough to sufficiently run wow (4 GHz Quadcore processor etc

But since the patch, i just get extremely bad FPS now and again, then i have to force disconnect; then its fine?

Had the same issue in EOTS twice, yesterday. Each time i went towards Blood elf tower I got smacked with 5-6 fps down from 40+. ( With no massive group of teammembers/foes around to influence the fpsThe spikes within those two BGs occured round every 30 seconds after stabilizing again.

Are you using any outdated addons? If so, what are they?

I use Gladius, InteruptBar, TellMeWhen, DimishingReturns and thats about it; not sure which are out of date (Though, i know some are

Would it be likely that this is happening because of that?

It is very likely, go into the addons setup inside the game, and you can see there if they are outdated, you can also choose not to load outdated addons.

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