Very bad FPS on Macbook Pro

Since a few months my FPS got worse and worse in the game, I tried deleting my Cache, WTF and Interface folders but this gave only a little improvement.
Ive also tried Repair tool but it couldnt find any errors.
I am currently playing with all settings on Low and only have 5 fps on Omnitron at the moment which is somewhat unplayable.

Mac OS 10.6.7
Intel i7 2,66 Ghz. 2 cores 4 threads
4GB DDR3 1067 Mhz
NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512MB

Any other things I could try?
Would doing a clean install help?

Thank you for your time.

Got a clean Mac OS install on a 2nd partition and a clean WoW install, hardly any difference. Also done a hardware test with the Mac OS install DVD and this could not find any problems.

Running out of ideas here :<
Would replacing my Hard Drive with an SSD help alot?

Time to bump


Have you checked to see if your Macbook is overheating? low FPS would normally means that something is throttling your system, either a background program and possible due to heat.

Also this post may be relevant for you as well.


First of all thanks for the reply.
My laptop is always running really hot but dont have anything other running then World of Warcraft and Ventrilo when playing normally. I checked the Activity Monitor aswell for background programs. Im going to try and download an app to control my fans and let it run on the max. to see if that helps.

Ill post my results here.

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