New computer

Hi, I got a new computer and have re downloaded WoW fine however when ive got to put my addons back on i have no "interface" "addons" folders what can i do?


Make sure that you are installing them correctly, add-ons are typically installed into a named folder within the Interface/AddOns/ folder.

e.g. Interface/AddOns/Ace3

To actually answer the question:

The folders are made when they are needed. Start up WoW, log in to a character, then exit WoW again. The folders should now be there.

If theyre not, you can just make your own folders. As long as they are named properly, they work.

Well when u open Wow there folder Show up named interface or Run Repair It well Work out

ah i should of said ive got up to the point i can plat wow cata but the game is still downloading would this make a difference?

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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