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Every time I get onto WoW I get very high world lag regardless of where I am in the world. I dont know why this is though. I have got World of Warcraft completely up-to-date patch wise and my connection has never really had any problems since the last patch installment...

Any help would be great as I really hate wasting money because I cant play,

Could you post more information about your connection please.

Country -
Modem (and firmware if available -
Router (and firmware if available -
Network device (Driver version if available -
Type of connection used (Wifi/USB/Ethernet -
Operating System -
Security Software installed (Firewall, Anti-Virus -

Please also post a traceroute to the realm you are playing on. Instructions on how to produce a traceroute can be found here:

Also perform a pathping test to the same IP address to see if your losing any packets along the way.

My ISP is Sky Broadband
Country - England
Modem -
Router -
Connection type - Wifi
Operating System - Windows7

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