Unable to dungeon or pvp, laptop and pc

On my character ive been doing dungeons and pvp for about a year on several characters, since the patch my characters lag straight away in both dungeons and pvp, even slightly while roaming around normal and majorly when i cast. I thought it might of been my pc and tried my brothers laptop and the same thing happened again, but its not the pc or laptop as my brother tried on his characters (different account on both pc and laptop, same level same dungeons ect, didnt lag at all. Kind of a huge pain as we level together, any ideas what it could be? Need help asap thanks.

If youre using recount, try disabling it

Removing recount worked for me on same issue, thanks :

Addons, bane of FPS :

Glad its working fine thanks to Wors advice.

Hey cheers for the help! Worked :

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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