Major graphical problems!

Hi guys I just want abit of advice really. I will tell you what the matter is first.
I bought a new graphics card the ati asus eah5450, ever since ive had problems.

Im having problems with the ground turning see thru but only some squares, characters dissapearing but not the eyes or any flashy things, the screen goes black if i turn too fast. Sometimes whole buildings will dissapear.
Seems to be a big problem with the 3D rendering maybe? I dont really know id just like some advice please.

Things I have done: Turned everything down to low, played around with the triple buffering, vertical sync multi sampling etc it stops the problem for a few minutes then it starts back up again.
Deleted all wow folders wtf etc, unistalled reinstalled numerous drivers.
Actually had to wipe my pc and reinstall everything yesterday because it glitched so much it wouldnt let me back into windows.

Any help would be very much appreciated! :D


Have you also installed the latest ATI Catalyst 11.5 drivers?

Hiya yeah catalyst is up to date, all the drivers are. I just dont know what the problem is :(

Could you please check your GPU for over-heating by running GPU-Z whilst playing the game in Windowed-FullScreen mode?

GPU Temperature °C]: 52.0
GPU Temp. #1 °C]: 52.0

Is that too hot?

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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