Unable to Connect

Hey, im running Max OS 10.6.7 and im having problems connecting to the game. The launchers works 100% but when i get into the actual game and try and log in it just says unable to connect to the server and tells me to go to a link that didnt really help me(Also it doesnt show up the news at the side which normally informs you of realm issues etc.
Ive just come back with a 10 day cata trial and im pretty pissed that its not letting me play as i only have 8 of the 10 days left.
My installation process went as follows:
Installed very old core wow from cd
Attempted to install bc from cd but didnt realise there was 4 disks so i had to cancel it (only had 3
Downloaded bc and installed
Installed wrath of the lich king from cd (old patch
Downloaded 9.3Gb that said it was patch 4.1.x but that seemed a lot for a single patch so i assume that its a combination of all the patches missing. This took a while as the download was really really slow.

So now i dont really want to go through installing everything again but if thats the only thing I can do, so be it. How can i get the patches so i dont have to wait another 24 hours + to download them if i must re-install?

Any help with this would be much apreciated as I have been looking forward to coming back and playing again for a long time.

Also there is no realmlist file, i remember from when i used to play that one time i deleted that and it messed it up but I cant find it at all this time round. I have tried running the repair thing but just getting the same problem

So, any help?

Well I Re-Installed everything and also re-downloaded it all again by downloading the full game client. Took ages to download the patch and im getting the same problem? Ive never had this before and I dont even have my firewall turned on. No help or at least a reply from someone at blizzard?

Running repair for the third time and ive now noticed it says DetectedExpansion: The Burning Crusade
So whats the deal? Support was always bad but not this bad, can i get some help?
My account is enabled to wotlk but I got the 10 day cata trial so im not sure if it is now enabled for cata or whatever. Basically lost my whole 10 day trial now (overexageration but whatever and i cant even see myself getting a reply,

Bump, tried literally everything in your customer service thing, forwarding ports, typing commands in terminal, found realmlist and thats saying what it should say, great to see a wall of blue blizzard replys on the front page so maybe this will get replied to?

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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